With Jason Engelbart Design, start-ups benefit from three decades of corporate design and consulting experience and set the right course for their long-term business success.

The Design Büro offers start-up entrepreneurs start-up design solutions in three demand-oriented categories. The aim is to offer start-ups a fair and calculable orientation aid that can be taken into account right from the preparation of the business plan. In this way, real and well-founded budget planning succeeds right from the start.

The establishment of a timeless and independent brand in a dynamic and strongly market-driven environment is the basis for the success of a company or product.

Many start-ups are not aware of the importance of a customised corporate design and therefore pay little attention to it. It is often neglected due to limited financial resources. Yet a corporate design is of great importance, especially for start-ups, because a uniform appearance conveys trustworthiness and professionalism and leaves a lasting positive impression.

Corporate design includes everything a company needs to communicate with the public. Besides the logo, it includes the business card, the letterhead, the website, a professional brand presence in social media and networks and much more. It represents the comprehensive appearance of a company.

What makes a recognisable corporate design?

A distinctive corporate design is successful when the following criteria, among others, are taken into account.

Uniformity: In order for a company to be comprehensively identified, all elements must be exactly coordinated and perceived as a whole. The same coordinated colours, fonts and graphic elements should be maintained everywhere.

Timelessness: A corporate design should be up-to-date for many years, because it is an investment in the future. So temporary, fashionable design trends are to be avoided. After all, a young company wants to be successful in the long term.

Homogeneity: The corporate design must fit the overall image of the company and reflect its corporate content and philosophy.

Singularity: In order to stand out from competitors, the focus should be on an individually coordinated design. Only if the appearance is unmistakable and unique, is the company as well.


A professional corporate design is enormously important for a start-up from the very beginning, as it represents a public, non-revisable company or product statement. A wide variety of individual criteria have to be taken into account for the development, so that a sustainable appearance is created in the long term. It is an investment in the future for every company.


Jason Engelbart Design offers three basic packages with components that build on each other in a smart budget framework especially for start-ups. Jason Engelbart is available for an initial consultation without obligation and free of charge.

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